A downloadable game

Super Dungeon Crawler 5200 is our first game, It is an Action Adventure RPG inspired by many of the games we have enjoyed in our lifetime (Gauntlet, Diablo, The Oregon Trail).

We are currently in creation of the game, but many of its features are finished and just being tuned. We also have plans for future updates aswell. Currently we have...

-6 Different Styles of Dungeons. Each randomly generated for a unique exploration adventure every time!

-4 hero classes to chose from:

-The Knight is a soldier built to take damage rather than deal damage. He has the ability to force enemy's to attack himself as well as reflect projectiles away from his allys.

-The Warrior is a damage dealing machine. Think of a Spinning Cyclone of Sword Slicing if you may.

-The Elf is a master bow wielder, able to shoot up to 5 arrows at his enemys. Small and agile, yet very powerful from afar.

-The Wizard is an experienced mage of the arcane arts! Able to fire orb's that grow in power the longer they exist.

-Each hero has customization to the players liking by consuming resources that they gather while exploring the world. If you want to have a make your knight a weakling who deals massive damage you can! If you want to have an elf who can jump into the front lines and take damage you can! Many possibility.

-Progression is player bound, meaning if you start the game as the knight. Level up a few times and decide you want to be a wizard for a bit, you can! All levels will be transferred between heroes. *Progression is based on the position the player is. Meaning if you are player 1, you have access to player 1's stats. If you are player 2, you have access to player 2's stats. Ect*

-1 to 4 player Split Screen Coop, Grab up to three of your friends and adventure as a team, or go adventure by yourself. If your worried about one player hogging all of the resources don't fear, everyone shares everything. If your friend picks up some wood you have access to it as-well.

-Many Intense Boss Encounters! Each one could be harder than the next.